Spring In Your Step

27th January, 2016. Posted by Mr Swagger

Winter is upon us this evident by the fact that it’s cold as hell outside and we’re wearing all of our clothes at once. Apart from our shoes, we can only wear one of those at a time. So as we walk around hugging ourselves wishing it was warmer why not start thinking about what we’ll be wearing once Spring and summer get here?

This summer looks like it’s going to be one for rich vibrant colours like that found on birthday cakes. With that in mind we have come across this beautiful Gel Lyte III by Asics due to hit shelves Spring 2016.


In vibrant mint green and rich burgundy this is sure to be a must have for many sneakers as it will stand out from most other shoes on the market as this is not a colour blend that we are used to seeing. However it is a most welcomed one.


We are yet to be given any release dates or prices, so it’s ear to the ground and eyes to the Instagram whilst we try to keep warm for the next couple of months.



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