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9th August, 2017. Posted by Mr Swagger

Asics alongside Charlie Dark, (or is it Charlie Dark alongside Asics?) are working to get London active. On average as Londoners we commute 2 hours a day. For most of us that’s 2 hours of sitting or standing still 5 times a week to go and sit down for around 8 hours a day. That’s 10 hours a day that we are not active.

Asics and Charlie have come up with the initiative to turn that hours commute into exercise. It has been studied that exercise improves our mental well-being. With so many people suffering from varying levels of depression and with being cattled to and from work in such a negative environment (look around on your commute nobody looks happy) we need some kind of way to combat that.

So Asics have installed 3 spaces across London for this very purpose. Located in the Leake Street Tunnel by Waterloo, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Clapham Common. These three multi sensory installations feature 85 metre light tubes for everything from running to yoga to take place in our city.

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 03: Legendary athletes Allen Johnson, Andreas Thorkildsen and Dwight Phillips attend the launch of ASICS’ Run The Tube experience, an epic 85-metre LED tunnel made from hoops of light. Run The Tube is part of ASICS’ #IMoveLondon campaign that aims to inspire Londoners to move more and use their city as their gym on August 3, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images)

I Move London and SMSB (Sound Body,Sound Mind) are dedicated to getting London moving and turning our city in to a playground for exercise and well-being. Jump on social media and get involved, but remember don’t just click follow and like, get up and get active.

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