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15th December, 2015. Posted by Mr D'Lambert

The Fortune You Could Be Sitting On:

Initially regarded as a childish purchase, comics you bought as a kid, could now have the value to buy a you property… 

Firstly in our examination of comics, we have no room for the tale of how your mother invaded your bedroom and threw your comic book collection away. You should have been guarding your personal stash as if you were Heimdall on the Rainbow Bridge.

Secondly I would say there are 3 types of debut for a significant character:

1. When a character first appears in another character’s story/franchise.

2. When a character appears under a featured generic banner.

3. When a character evolves enough to appear under their own brand name or simply starts out that way.

If the following comics listed were in your collection (or still are for those true guardians out there) then this current appraisal is your cue to smile with a very broad grin – the showing of teeth optional. Also remember! The value of an issue changes all the time and the condition of the copy determines its worth. The prices listed below are sales for mint condition copies.

Golden Age Goodies: 1938 -1956

During this era, much of the foundations were laid for what a superhero even was and the world was wowed. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938 and at time of writing, that issue has now been sold for a record $3.2million and change / £2.1milion. Batman’s first appearance was is Detective Comics #27 in 1939 and is worth $2.1million / £1.3million. The Flash first appears in Flash Comics #1 in 1940 and is worth $450,000. Marvel Comics #1, makes its debut in 1939 featuring what must be one of its oldest, well known characters – the Sub-Mariner and is worth $367,000. All American Comics #16 introduces The Green Lantern and is valued at $430,000, where as Whiz Comics #2 lays down some thunder as Captain Marvel Shazams into our lives – that issue will fetch you between $176,000 and $281,000.


Superman appearing under his own name in Superman #1 is worth $671,000. Likewise for Batman, the issue Batman #1 has sold for over $500,000. It’s the issue that introduces us to both The Joker and Catwoman.

Comics 2

Captain America Comics #1 printed in 1941, is worth $341,000. All Star Comics #8 gives us Wonder Woman in the same year and is worth $80,000.


Fun Comics #52 arrives in 1940, giving us the Spectre and a new price tag of $316,000 circa the 2000s. Detective Comics #1 pre Batman and Superman is worth $405,000.


















Silver Age Stars: 1956 – 1970

The Silver Age is most noticeable for forwarding the mythology of established characters, inventing new characters/teams and introducing us to a whole host of writers and artists that would change our reading lives forever. Daredevil the man with no fear, backflips in at $37,000 in the debut issue Daredevil #1  and Thor first descends into Midgard in Journey Into Mystery #83 pricing a view of Mjolnir at $217,000. The X-Men #1 featured the first original team members, who were Marvel girl, Cyclops, Beast, Angel and Ice Man. Magneto was also on hand to cause trouble from the get-go. However for $492,000 value tag, Magneto is welcome! The first appearance of the original Hulkamaniac happens in The Hulk #1. In his original grey form Hulk has fetched $326,000 not nearly enough to pay for all his smashing and destruction over the years.



Strange Tales #110 Introduces Dr Strange – the Sorcerer Supreme with a value between $15,000 – to its highest sale of $66,000. Fantastic 4 #1 is worth $300,000.


Tales of Suspense #39 forged Iron Man, who is worth $268,000, not quite Stark’s fortune and The Avengers #1 – the first Avengers collective of Thor, Ant-Man, Hulk and Iron Man comes in with a respectable $274,000.


The first appearance of T’Challa aka The Black Panther in Fantastic 4 #52 has been sold for up to £8,500.
















Bronze Age Booty  1970 – 1984

The Bronze Age is where reality met fiction. Keeping the foundations of the Silver Age intact, the Bronze Age produced stories with a more realistic, darker components of the human nature. Drugs, crime and poverty all feature reflecting the woes of the real world and that is why you get the birth of characters such as The Punisher, Wolverine and Luke Cage.


Marvel Spotlight #5 Introduces the one who’s skull catches fire! Ghost Rider rides on in with a $13,000 price tag for his first appearance.


Marvel Comic Group #129 It’s getting hardcore out here with the all military trained Frank Castle aka The Punisher coming in with a bounty of $6,500.


Blade – The Daywalker, struts in to vanquish Dracula and his minions in The Tomb of Dracula #10, with a worth a stake of $5,000















Appraising Your Comic…

Many comics in this universe come with a set worth. But a collector, who’s one mission in life is to get that copy, that copy that has been eluding them all these years, may pay more than market value. Want to see how much your stash is worth? Get your comic book valued by clicking on The Crow.


Amazing Fantasy #15 The first appearance of Spiderman $1,100,000.

Shadow Comics Vol 1 1940,  $460

The Crow #1 $600












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