Crazy Rummed Up Golf

28th June, 2018. Posted by Mr Swagger

Yes that’s my take away from my night at Puttshack it was an evening of Rummed up Crazy Golf. And it’s a very good thing.

London has recently had a quite few Crazy Golf venues pop up over the past 4-5 years, and until now I haven’t been to any because I remember as kid going to the seaside (pick a seaside, any seaside), and playing Crazy Golf with the windmill that you just couldn’t get the ball through. And to be honest it wasn’t that much fun in my memory (mainly because I was rubbish). But I’m having a year of saying yes to experiences and letting go of preconceptions (still not eating mushrooms though), so when the team decided that we were going to the launch of Puttshack in the newly expanded Westfield’s White City, I was actually excited.

First impression as you walk up the stairs are that this place is huge and kind of looks like a bowling alley. With 3 zones (might have been 4 there was a lot of rum) of golf each with their own unique games. A huge bar (we’re going to come back to the bar) and a restaurant, you are pretty much set to not have to go anywhere else.

The golf, they pretty much had me from when they said the balls had GPS tracking… That’s right no more lying about how many strokes you took whilst your friends have gone to the bar. The games are brightly lit like pinball machines (one of the games is actually a pinball machine) and really quite clever. There are some that even give you the opportunity to win free drinks, games or dinner for two.

The food, do not come on a diet. The food is as excessive as the golf, with beauties such as succulent pork shoulder wrapped in bacon down to the Donut balls doused in heaven (really I can’t remember what they were filled and covered with but it was heavenly).

The bar, yes finally let’s talk about the bar. Going to get right to it. They have 120 rums from across the various Islands of the Caribbean one of them is £140 for a double (please do not add a mixer). Going to have to go back with the Glassmates and make our way through this at some point very soon. They have 13 signature cocktails that will have you hitting the balls way too hard. My personal favourite is the Banana Daiquiri by the name of the Gold Digger, which looks nothing like I’d expect as it’s chocolate brown in colour, and filled with gold glitter.

The important stuff, £12.50 for a game that lasts anything from 25 minutes to an hour depending on if you get straight hole in ones or you keep thrashing it out of bounds. £9.50 for children aged 7-12 yrs old, before 7pm, after that it’s adults only.

Located right here – Puttshack, Westfields, Ariel Way, London, W12 7HB. Closest Station is Woodlane.


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