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18th April, 2016. Posted by Mr Swagger

Limited Edition Sneakers, Trainers, Kicks or whatever you choose to refer to them as can be a truly special thing…provided that you are able to get your hands on them. What with people camping out and reselling for ridiculous prices only for them to never be worn and to just become Instagram fodder, it’s really hard for people who want that something special to be able to own and enjoy them. Well this is where made to order custom specials come in to the game. There are literally thousands of customisers out there, some good and obviously some bad. We have recently come across the former in the guise of 3rd generation cobbler Randy Lucas from Arizona.

Nai Ke 2

The 26 year old cobbler creates footwear that like all good customs should be considered as wearable art. His latest piece of art that caught our eye is his Custom ‘Nai Ke Air Force 1 Boot Hybrid’. Taking a traditional hiking boot and a AF1 high and creating something truly special that needs to be seen and not left in a box in a storage cupboard.

Nai Ke 3

The hybrid takes the upper of the iconic Nike Air Force 1 Highs and melds them with the sole of a traditional hiking boot. But this is just cut and chop job. As Randy is a cobbler he uses his skills to blend the upper to the sole (or sole to the upper depending on how you look at it) using a re-enforced matching leather lip, vegetable tanned Storm Welted construction, boot inspired white Vibram light weight wedge sole, leather cord laces, and matched along with their respected slot number embroidered on the back achilles panels in Hanzi characters, making each pair truly one of a kind.

Nai Ke 4

Randy has limited the Premium leather Fire Red Nai Ke’s to just 10 pairs which means they probably aren’t cheap, but sure worth it.

Nai Ke 1


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