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29th March, 2018. Posted by Mr Swagger

Close your eyes and pretend it’s spring outside and we’re getting ready for an endless stream of Barbecues and other such outdoor hi-jinks. Now what would these hi-jinks in the sun be without a good drink to go with them? Boring is what they would be, you may as well be indoors looking out of the windows at the rain.

Now we all know that there is no greater feeling than being the man with the knowledge. Everyone wants to be that smug bastard who turns up at other peoples houses and makes them look like imbeciles in front of theirs friend and loved ones. What better way to do that than wielding knowledge over the all important alcoholic beverages that everyone will go home and talk about for the rest of the summer?

We we’ve got a couple of tips to help you be this very said Smug Bastard.

Firstly let’s start with Cognac, you probably know of the 3 big names in Cognac that you can pick up in every off licence of Tesco Metro across the land. You probably don’t know that there are more than 150 Cognacs in the world (not including the countless Brandy’s). Well if you attend the very first Cognac Show on April 27th and April 28th then you can learn more about these cognacs, their food pairings. Learn more about the making and history of cognac, all of which you can use to make people think you are smarter (and better) than they are.

Tickets are available now from

Now for a second tip we have Whisky, many believe it to be a drink for old men (and their wrong) and many only know it for a certain Tennessee Whiskey. So taking in a fun introduction to Scottish Whisky in one of London’s best places to buy Whisky would seem like a smart idea. Well the Glassmates have teamed with Milroy’s of Soho to bring you an event that does just that. Refining Your Palate: An Introduction to Whisky, this tasting event will take you through the regions and their typical taste profiles. The Glassmates will host you with any question you may have and Milroy’s will be blessing you with some of the finest examples of each region. All of this takes place on May 7th.

Ticket are available now from

You can thank us later.

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