Google For The Kids

1st March, 2016. Posted by Mr Swagger

I recently witnessed my friends toddler attempt to swipe right on a book… a book! The little guy didn’t know what a book was as he’s used to reading histories on a tablet. Tech is now the normality from birth and most 3 year olds know what Google is and know how to look for their favourite shows on YouTube. So it is no surprise to witness your little ones go on to Google and type in an innocent search request. Unfortunately even with Google safe search they can get back not so innocent search results.

Thankfully someone over at Google is aware of this and they have come up with a completely independent and safe search engine for the little ones by the name of Kiddle.

Kiddle Good Search

So first port of business when testing out the safety of Kiddle was to run a search for a popular childrens TV series just to see what it does when it’s running correctly. And the searches come back with links to pictures, videos and articles on the TV series. Now out of curiousity I had to test it to see what happens when something seemingly innocent like a name was entered so I typed in ‘Ron Jeremy’ and got the friendly message on screen of “Oops, looks like your query contained some bad words. Please try again!”. Well that’s win for me and an ease of worry out there for all the parents who have had to dive over furniture and remove tablets, phones and laptops from the hands of babes.

Kiddle Bad Search

Kiddle can be found at We’d suggest that if you have a separate log in for you little ones to set this up as their default search engine on the browser.

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