New Music – Big K.R.I.T.

23rd November, 2017. Posted by Mr Swagger

It’s not very often that we come across new music that we actually feel the need to write about, mainly because music moves so fast now and isn’t meant to be relevant for as long as it takes to write a review. But once in awhile an artist decides to make some art.

So here we have a piece of art by Rapper Big K.R.I.T. under the title of ‘4eva Is A Mighty Long Time’, a title that makes you stop and wonder if that’s threat or not as some artists are just releasing things (not sure if there are albums or torture) that just seem to drag on forever (shout to Chris Brown). The album opens out with a track that sounds like it would have fitted in nicely inbetween the first 7 tracks on Aquemini and really sets the tone for what is to come energy wise. With features from T.I, Bun B and the late Pimp C, Cee-lo Green, Jill Scott, Bilal and Robert Glasper you know that at least a quarter of the 22 tracks are going to be worth listening to. Thing is the features aren’t even needed to carry this album, K.R.I.T. is a talent in his own right and with a great production team behind him picking perfect Southern bounce beats and melodic landscapes for story telling for him to work his magic on, this is an album to be played, in the car, in the kitchen, at the gym and the BBQ (Yes we will BBQ in the winter).

Stand out tracks are the T.I featured ‘Big Bank’ which is some classic down south bounce with the racing high hats running all the way through. ‘1999’ Feat Lloyd (Yes I too was shocked to see his name) which is just nice and laidback with a classic bassline playing all the way through making you want to reach for some pancakes and sweet tea. ‘Aux Cord’ I really don’t know how to describe this one other than Vibes!

The lead single Keep The Devil Off, one that you’ll be singing for a while.


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