Ramen In The City

15th March, 2018. Posted by Mr Swagger

London is a melting pot for all kinds of food from all around the world, this is something you come to realise when you go travelling and have a limited choice of cuisines. So when you are back here you have to appreciate and make the most of the surroundings. Lately my tastebuds have been living in the land of the rising sun (do they even still refer to it as that?), Japan. I remember about 20 years ago when the selection of Japanese food in London was quite frankly disgusting, so much so that I was put off completely for years. But now that we have great places like Sakagura and it’s sister restaurant Shoryu I can truly indulge the right way.

We recently made an much overdue visit to the most recent opening of Shoryu in Shoreditch for some Ramen and cocktails on what was a seriously wet Friday evening in London. The restaurant is pretty small in comparison to some of the other branches with the Kitchen pretty much in the middle. We were given the heads up to try the just launch Spring Cocktails menu which consists of a couple of Japanese Gin cocktails with a touch of Sake and Japanese herbs, the stand out for us was the Sour Blackberry Mojito, traditionally a mojito is made with a generous helping of brown sugar so with this missing you get a quite refreshing and light beverage. We were also enchanted by the allure of the Shoryu original cocktails and indulged in a Dirty Lychee which is a extremely fruitycombination of Nigori Sake, Dark rum and of course Lychee, I’m not sure if you can walk in and just order drinks but I’m going to try just so that I can enjoy this beauty again.

The Food!

Ramen was my first experience of Japanese food so I’ve been apprehensive for many years, but like I said I need new food experiences at all times. Shoryu use a traditional method of making Ramen which is made with a Tonkotsu broth, Tonkotsu in Japanese means “Pork bones”, so if you don’t eat pork you should probably scroll past this whole part and get to the sides on offer. The Tonkotsu broth is thicker and creamier than you will find in other styles. We ordered two contrasting dishes, the Kimchi Seafood Ramen packed with prawns, scallops, squid, seaweed and mushrooms, in a fiery broth that really packs a nice kick. The second Ramen was recommended as the most popular on the menu, Kotteri Hakata which is a thicker creamier twist on the traditional Tonkotsu with barbecue prok belly, double nitimago egg, mushrooms, spring onions, sesame, ginger and nori seaweed. Now I’d like to say that we cleaned these bowls off, but that would be a lie. The portions are so generous that we think you aren’t actually meant to finish them.

There truly is a lot of choice from the sides menu, we kept it simple and went with some edamame, wagyu buns and chicken karaage buns, but really could have gone for some soft shell crab tempura as well, but like I said, the portions are generous.

Definitely going to put this on my casual eating spots list for Shoreditch.

Shoryu Ramen Shoreditch
45 Great Eastern Street

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