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31st January, 2019. Posted by Mr Swagger

Let’s get this straight, I’m a grown ass man dawg, however I still love a tracksuit, but the standard Nike and Adidas tracksuits just isn’t me for outside of the gym or running around on a Saturday. There’s time I want to be as comfortable as I would be in my tech fleece, and as presentable as I would be in a tailored pair of trousers. I’ve literally and honestly searched and searched for a perfect bridge between the two worlds. Something that says exactly who I am, a mature entrepreneur with a love for tailoring and streetwear.

The Gee Magazine email gets bombarded with men’s clothing from PR companies and for the most part, we’re just 20 years too old for it. However just last week we were exposed to a brand that really spoke to us and had us emailing back the PR company for more information on the brand. The brand in question is Prevu, their pieces come in sets that they create so that you can mix and match and create your own style. Their signature suits are a meld of tailored suits and leisure wear, with hemmed details and herringbone patterns you may be tempted to see if HR will pull you away from your desk to discuss whether you think Tuesday is in fact dress down Friday.

I for one applaud this much welcomed addition to menswear, and can’t wait to match the sets with my adult shoe collection and overcoats whilst sipping cognac in a members club somewhere in Mayfair.

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