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21st November, 2016. Posted by Mr Swagger

It doesn’t matter if it’s long haul or short haul, flying is one of the most uncomfortable things to do. When I was 18 I took my first flight in business class aboard American Airlines, I turned up to the airport in a tracksuit and trainers and was advised that in order to board I would need to put on a shirt and trousers… What followed was 7 hours of not feeling entirely comfortable. Since then I haven’t had this annoying request made of me (mainly because I haven’t flown business class since). I have how ever been on countless flights since and I have remained in the comfort of my trusty tracksuit and trainers. Often flying with groups of male friends who to my confusion fly in jeans, just looking at them makes me feel empathy for their discomfort.

Obviously someone at Adidas shares my dislike of the discomfort that comes from travelling. Please allow me to introduce you to the Adidas Z.N.E Travel collection. A light weight tracksuit designed for comfort and focus (Adidas claim that the design helps to minimise distraction).

The design on this travel collection by Adidas has been very well thought out, whilst it is light weight it features a warm lining to combat that in flight sub zero cabin air. Hidden zipped media pockets so you won’t need to sit on, tuck into the magazine rack or worry about your iPod or phone slipping out of your pocket and sliding 6 rows of seats down the cabin. And best of all it has an oversized hood for when you need to shut out the rest of the world and get some R&R.


Adidas you’ve missed a trick though, where’s the travel socks?

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