What Jarre You Listening To?

18th October, 2015. Posted by Mr Swagger

Speakers are now art that play art (the second art is subjective).


Art has always played a part in home furnishing and part of that has been the constant change in design of the tech that we place in our home. We have seen the change from wood and veneer TV’s and Stereos to Chrome, then on to the all black look of the late 90’s into the early 2000’s that made way for the all white plastic that we have just seen the back off in the last couple of years. So what’s next? Well it would appear that we are in a state of free expression in how you wish to see your home tech. So you can go with clean lines, colours, built into your walls to look like paintings or even dogs and chrome skulls…


Jarre Technologies founded by musical performance artist John Michelle Jarre and experimental entrepreneur Roland Caville from their love of uncompromising musical quality and cutting edge technology they have created a number of speaker systems all of which are first eye catching before anything else.


Among Jarre’s collection are the Jarre AeroSkull which as the name would suggest look like skulls, oh and they’re wearing sunglasses for that added cool. The AeroSkull comes in 3 variations, the AeroSkull Nano which is obviously (due to the clever naming) the smallest of the range. The Nano is a Bluetooth speaker with a 3.5mm line-in port. Now as small as this thing is it houses 2 full range driver speakers and a subwoofer with a combined 6W output. Then we have the AeroSkull XS + with the same connectivity  features as the Nano with the addition of NFC, a wider range of colours and finishes and a 10 hour battery as opposed to the Nanos 6-8. The XS + delivers 45W through 2 15W mid-range speakers and a 15w Sub-woofer. Sitting a top the range is the HD+ which is primarily an iPod/iPhone dock although like the rest of the range it also has wireless connectivity. Now this isn’t designed for portability so it doesn’t have a charge time but that’s ok because it can fill your home with 120W.

So Skulls may not be your thing well how about man’s best friend? When people walk into your lair you want for them to be impressed. A glossy red, white or Matt black 120W pitbull sat in the corner wearing a pair of 60W sunglasses should do the job. Not to mention the 60W sub-woofer (I don’t know if the pun is intended or not) in it’s back. As far as design goes these are the dogs… And to top it off they come with an infra red remote control in the shape of a dog bone.

The sound quality across the range is pretty impressive and what you would hope to expect from Jean Michelle Jarre a musician who is as much about the quality of sound as he is about the spectacle of his art. Priced between £89 to £599 for the AeroSkull range and £1,499 for the Aerobull you can be pretty sure you won’t walk into everyone else’s man cave and see one looking at you like “Yeah I’m Cool”.

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